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Chucks – Custom, Large Diameter and Standard

Custom, Large Diameter and Standard Chucks  for Rotating and Non-rotating Applications in all Types and Sizes up to 72″ in Diameter.

Power Chucks

2 Jaw, 3 Jaw and 2/3 Jaw wedge type power chucks are offered with Acme serrated, tongue and groove. 1/16 and 3/32 x 90 Degree, or 1.5 and 3mm x 60 Degree Vee Serrated Master Jaws. Offered in sizes from 4 thru 72 inches in diameter with American Standard type “A” mounting.



Self-Centering Index Chucks

Available in sizes from 8 thru 28 inches in diameter with index spindle position sensing and American Standard type “A” mounting.



High Speed Anvil Type Index Chucks

Royal’s combination of one index and one clamp jaw high speed indexing system allows fast, complete machining of multiple face work parts quickly at high rotational speeds. Available in 8 through 12 inch diameters with 4-90, 8-45 or 12-30 degree index positions. The greatest precision is achieved with finishing operation done at constant RPM.


Multiple Spindle Chucks

Replaceable chucks for all multiple spindle machines available in 2 or 3 jaw, wedge, or lever operated. Direct replacements offered for National Acme, New Britain, and Goss & DeLeeuw machines.


Chuck Jaws

New and replacement jaws for all types of special applications. Used for production operations, multiple spindle machines, milling machines, chucking machines, and machining centers. Provide maximum production efficiency, protection of work pieces, and accuracy for repetitive quality.


Collet Chucks & Expanding Mandrels

Custom designed and manufactured models include wide opening, split collet, diaphragm-type, single and double angle collets, and mandrels. Standard mount and front mounted, self-contained arrangements can be provided.

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