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Reconditioning & Rebuilding of Chucks and Fixtures

Most Chucks and Fixtures Can Be Reconditioned For Less Than 50% of the Cost of Purchasing New Units…Service Includes Free Product Evaluations…One Year Full Warranty.

When chucks and fixtures become worn or damaged, Royal Machine & Tool’s skilled technicians assist our customers in making the right decision

Replacing existing worn or damaged chucks and fixtures is not always necessary. Reconditioning and rebuilding of most chucks and fixtures costs less than 50% of purchasing new ones. And…this allows having two units reconditioned or rebuilt like new for the same price as purchasing a one new.




Reconditioning & Rebuilding Services Provided with “Quick Turn-Around” Deliveries.

First, contact Royal Machine to discuss your requirements. Then, the chuck(s) or fixture(s) will be disassembled, cleaned and evaluated at no charge. Should they not be too badly worn or damaged, Royal will recommend either reconditioning or rebuilding and provide a detailed cost estimate. Once the decision is made to go ahead, the reconditioned or rebuilt unit(s) will be quickly delivered with like-new tolerances…and with a one year full warranty.

Four specific reasons to consider reconditioning and rebuilding.

  1. Does the unit visibly appear to be worn?

  2. Has an accident broken something in the unit?

  3. Has the unit begun to lose its gripping force or its accuracy?

  4. Is the unit’s design incapable of holding a part specifically designed to meet the part’s process and tolerances?



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