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Berlin, CT – Multiple Hydraulic Fixtures from Royal Machine & Tool Corp. have a capacity of locating up to 72 parts on each fixture…resulting in maximizing the capability of horizontal machining centers. In the system illustrated, the fixture holds 20 parts with a control valve for each row for easy loading and unloading.


A typical Six Sided Hydraulic Fixture holding four parts per side with access to three surfaces to machine


Designed and built in the USA to custom requirements for use on horizontal machining centers, Royal Multiple Hydraulic Fixtures provide the means to perform more operations on more parts. Thus, providing the means for substantially increased productivity.


Royal Hydraulic Column Fixtures are designed to hold multiple parts per side for first or secondary operation on horizontal machining centers. Depending on the required system, multiple column configurations are available.


Additionally Royal Machine Hydraulic Fixtures are designed with all hydraulic internal, excluding any exposed piping.


For complete information on Royal Machine’s Hydraulic Fixtures contact Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager, at (860) 828-6555 or


Founded in 1952, Royal Machine & Tool Corporation serves the world’s leading industries from its Berlin, CT corporate offices and manufacturing facility representing over 35,000 square feet including state-of-the-art CNC machine tools. All services and products are performed/produced in the USA and include the designing and building of custom and standard workholding devices from simple manual fixtures to sophisticated hydraulic fixtures with multiple faces. Custom and standard chucks of all types for rotating and non-rotating applications are also designed and built by Royal Machine &Tool…as well as a complete range of manufacturing options / services from single prototype machining to high volume production requirements.

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