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About Royal Machine and Tool Corporation

Over 70 Years Experience In Meeting Our Customers’ Needs By Providing Workholding Beyond Specifications!

Royal Machine and Tool designs and builds custom and standard workholding devices, from simple manual fixtures with multiple faces to modular units that hold families of parts.

In addition, we design and build custom and standard chucks  for rotating and non-rotating applications in all types and sizes up to 72″ in diameter, including lever-operated, wedge-operated, screw-operated, self-centering, compensating, counter-centrifugal, diaphragm, manual indexing, automatic indexing, and many other specials.

Royal Machine and Tool also offers improved designed Goss, New Britain and Acme Chucks as well as replacement parts.

A full design engineering and manufacturing engineering staff…working with our Computer Aided Design (CAD)with state of the art 3D capabilities… is dedicated to assisting our customers with their specific workholding requirements.

All of our high quality fixtures and chucks are manufactured in the U.S.A. in our manufacturing facilities representing over 25,000 square feet including over 35 CNC machine tools.

Rebuilding and Reconditioning

Royal Machine and Tool can rebuild and remanufacture chucks and fixtures from most manufacturers. A free detailed evaluation is provided prior to processing. This service provides a full one year warranty against new parts and workmanship.

Technical Assistance and Support

A technical support team consisting of qualified engineers, assembly and maintenance experts is available to answer all your technical questions. With over 70 years of workholding experience, we are fully prepared to assist you with any technical data that you may require regarding installation, maintenance and care of products.

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