From Simple Manual Fixtures To Hydraulic Fixtures

Universal Valve Fixtures
Combines the design concepts of both the “C” Frame and Modular Fixture into a Universal Valve Fixture. Specifically designed and developed for use in the Valve Industry, the fixture provides greater flexibility in covering a large range of valve bodies parts with a single fixture. The Independent Work Nests for specific parts are eliminated, thus, reducing costs as well as improving change-over times in the process, yet maintaining positive gripping of the part(s).

“C” Frame Fixtures
Provide complete machining of large valve body flanges and/or weld constructions by clamping on part’s body. Parts are machined complete in a single operation.

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Quad Vertical Combination (QVC) Available From 400mm to 800mm
Hold up to 8 parts in the Quad Vertical Combination Chuck on horizontal machining centers. Permits virtual continuous spindle use, decreased tool changes, and practically eliminates downtime for parts change-over. Chuck jaws can be set in centralizing or compensating mode.
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Horizontal Index Trunnion
Designed specifically to your vertical machining center parameters. Multiple fixtures mounted on up to four sides allow access to three sides of work piece. May be manually or automatically indexed. Manual or hydraulic clamping available.

Rotating Fixtures
Provide a means to turn odd shaped parts in a lathe. Specifically, useful to do yokes and automatic spindles. Hydraulic pressure provided through a rotating coupling.

Modular Fixtures
Expand and contract to fit the largest and smallest parts by rearranging the clamping components in the x-y-z axes. Vee adjustments are self-centering or convertible to independent operation. System reduces the number of dedicated fixtures required, and reduces change-over times.
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Special Hydraulic and Manual Fixtures
Specially designed hydraulic and manual fixtures hold parts that are large or have unusual configurations or are difficult to machine. Where feasible, Royal Machine and Tool will provide modularity and interchangeability to allow the lowest cost solution with ergonomics and safety in mind.