Berlin, CT – Chucks for National Acme, Goss & Deleeuw, Kaufman, and New Britain Machines Can Now Be Reconditioned For Less Than 50% Of The Cost Of Purchasing New Chucks …Including Free Product Evaluations…And One Year Full Warranty.

Before deciding whether to recondition or repair a defective chuck, companies can initially contact Royal Machine & Tool for suggestions. It may be recommended to have the chuck forwarded to the factory where they will provide a free evaluation and proposal.

In making the announcement, Guy Byrne, Senior Vice President & General Manager, stated, “In this time of difficult economic decisions, replacing existing worn or damaged Chucks with new chucks is not always the best decision. Reconditioning Chucks costs less than 50% of buying a new chuck. This allows having two chucks reconditioned like new for the same price as a new replacement chuck and includes a one year full warranty (the same as a new chuck).”

“And this is exactly the reason we’ve expanded our reconditioning and repairing services of Chucks to Machine Tool Rebuilders…to allow them to concentrate on their expertise, rebuilding machines, and assisting our customers in making the right decision when chucks become worn or damaged.”
Expanded Reconditioning and Repairing Service Provides “Quick Turn-Around.”

After evaluating the defective original chuck, reconditioning was recommended to provide new chuck standards, one year full warranty (the same as a new chuck)…and up to a 50% or more cost advantage over of a brand new chuck.

Initially, customers contact Royal Machine to discuss their requirements. Then, the Chuck will be disassembled, cleaned and evaluated at no charge. Should they not be too badly worn or damaged, Royal Machine will recommend either reconditioning or repairing and then provide a detailed cost estimate. Once the decision is made to go ahead, the Chuck will be quickly reconditioned and tested, delivered with like-new tolerances …and with a one year full warranty.”

“In addition to the savings of up to 50% or more in cost, there are four specific reasons for customers to consider reconditioning or repairing a chuck,” stated Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager:

  1. Does the chuck visibly appear to be worn?
  2. Has an accident broken something in the chuck?
  3. Has the chuck begun to lose its gripping?

For complete information on Royal Machine’s reconditioning/repairing of chucks, contact Royal Machine & Tool Corporation at (860) 828-6555.

Founded in 1952, Royal Machine & Tool Corporation serves the world’s leading industries from its Berlin, CT corporate offices and manufacturing facility representing over 35,000 square feet including state-of-the-art CNC machine tools. All services and products are performed/produced in the USA and include the designing and building of custom and standard workholding devices from simple manual fixtures to sophisticated hydraulic fixtures with multiple faces. Custom and standard chucks of all types for rotating and non-rotating applications are also designed and built by Royal Machine &Tool …as well as a complete range of manufacturing options / services from single prototype machining to high volume production requirements.