Royal Machine & Tool Corporation Celebrates 60th Anniversary by Expanding Workholding Services and Technology

Berlin, CT – Management and associates celebrate over 60 years in business providing new and innovative services, equipment and technology for their customers.

Original 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility employing 20 people is still owned by Royal Machine.

Recently added products and services include a new “Universal Valve Fixture” providing greater flexibility in covering a large range of valve bodies with a single fixture…a new “Solid Works” 3-D Software upgrade permitting 3-D dimensional viewing and clearer definition of workholding products and work areas…new Larger Size Power Chucks in sizes ranging up to 84”in diameter for power or manual operations and rotating/non-rotating applications…new Manual VTL Chucks to provide close tolerance capabilities required in machining of thin-walled products…new Hydraulic QVC Fixture providing up to 50% more production improvement and more consistent gripping forces for high volume production applications.

During the past three years the company has also expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a 1,200 square foot building to its 30,000 square foot corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Plus, invested in five new pieces of equipment for its turning, milling and quality departments in order to expand its capacity and machining capabilities.

In making the announcement of its 60th anniversary, Richard J Ruscio, Royal Machine & Tool president and son of its late founder, John L Ruscio, said “In the future, the combination of our recently added new services and equipment and our 60 years of experience in designing and building custom and standard workholding devices will make us even stronger in providing our customers quality finished products…and time-sensitive deliveries.”

In addition to the new products previously described, Royal Machine during the following decades initiated the introduction of these new products to meet the special needs of its customers in the Petroleum, Medical, Automotive, Valve and Aerospace Industries…

1950’s – Tool Grinding
1960’s – Custom Fitted & Blank Jaws
1970’s – Index Chucks with Manual Clamping
– Standard Power Clamp Chucks
1980’s – Modular Fixtures
– QVC Fixtures
– Multi-Spindle Drill and Tapping Heads
– Collet Chucks
– Expanding Mandrels
1990’s – Specialty Fixtures for High Production on Machining Centers
– Patented Self-Centering Power Clamp/Automatic Index Chuck
2000’s – New “C” Frame Fixture Product Line
– Hydraulic QVC Fixtures
– Increased Large Diameter Chucks Diameters from 48” to 84”
– Became ISO & AS9100 Certified
– Patent Pending Threaded Insert

Current 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility employs 48 with over 35 state-of-of-the-art CNC Machine Tools.

Since its 1952 founding in a backyard barn with five employees, the company had expanded to over 50 employees with modern administrative & manufacturing facilities in Berlin, CT representing 30,000 square feet including over 35 state-of-the-art CNC Machine Tools. It is ISO9001:2008 & AS9100 Rev. “B” Certified and serves the world’s leading industries and all services and products are performed/produced in the USA.

Products and services include the design and building of custom and standard workholding devices from simple manual fixtures to sophisticated hydraulic fixtures with multiple faces. Custom and standard chucks of all types for rotating and non-rotating applications are also designed and built by Royal Machine &Tool…as well as a complete range of Contract Machining options/services from single prototype machining to high volume production requirements.