Royal Machine Expands Reconditioning & Repairing Services of Most Worn or Damaged Chucks.

Berlin, CT – Chucks Can Be Reconditioned For Less Than 30-40% Of
The Cost Of Purchasing New Chucks … Including Free Product Evaluations … And One Year Full Warranty.

In making the announcement, Richard Ruscio, President, stated, “In this time of difficult economic decisions, replacing existing worn or damaged chucks with new chucks is not always the best decision. Reconditioning a chuck costs less than 30-40% of buying a new chuck. This allows having two chucks reconditioned like new for the same price as a new replacement chuck and includes a one year full warranty (the same as a new chuck).

“And this is exactly the reason we’ve expanded our reconditioning and repairing services…to assist our customers in making the right decision when chucks become worn or damaged.”

“First, contact us to discuss your requirements. Then, we will evaluate your chucks at no charge. Should they not be too badly worn or damaged, we will recommend either reconditioning or repairing and then provide a cost estimate. Once the decision is made to go ahead, we will quickly deliver the reconditioned chuck with like- new tolerances…and with a one year full warranty.”

Reconditioning or Repairing…time to consider is when a chuck begins to perform improperly.

Obviously, safety considerations are first and foremost in determining the overall results to be achieved.” stated, John Darling, Chief Engineer. “Then it must be decided whether the chuck has to be operated for a short period of time or for a long period of trouble-free use. And, most importantly, how will the cost difference between a new replacement compared to the less than 30-40% cost for a reconditioned chuck, effect your overall decision.”

Faulty Chuck

Faulty Chuck

“In addition to the savings in cost, there are four specific reasons to consider reconditioning or repairing a chuck:

  1. does the chuck visibly appear to be worn?
  2. has an accident broken something
    in the chuck?
  3. has the chuck begun to lose its gripping force or its accuracy?
  4. is the chuck design incapable of holding a part specifically designed to meet the part’s process and tolerances.”

Making the Right Decision – Reconditioning or Repairing

Darling further stated, “The final decision must be based on what is functionally and financially best for the situation.”


“This is the preferred choice for less than 30-40% of the price of purchasing a new chuck. A correctly maintained and lubricated power chuck will usually age gracefully and only show wear by loss of accuracy and/or gripping force. When sent in for an examination and/or testing, all the major wear surfaces will be inspected. If found to be worn, they will require rebuilding of one form or another.”

“The forms for building up worn surfaces are either chrome plating or welding. After the worn surfaces are built-up and the parts are carefully checked for any possible cracks, the new surfaces are ground to like-new chuck tolerances. Master jaws are also qualified to like-new chuck tolerances.

  1. It is important to note that once an original chuck has been reconditioned to new chuck standards, it has a one year full warranty (the same as a new chuck)…and for most situations is equal to new chucks in reliability.
  2. It usually can be done in half the time it takes to have a new chuck built and it may be such that a part has to be replaced, welded or plated. However, you have most of the chuck already completed. “


“Usually, this is the least expensive service and the quickest to get back in production. If there is a broken master jaw or a broken jaw activator caused by an accident, then replacing the broken part and cleaning up some damaged surfaces can make the chuck serviceable at little expense.”

“However, an exception to this service is when the broken part is a special part. Then it may have to be reverse engineered and manufactured which is more time consuming and costly.”

Repaired Chuck

Repaired Chuck

“The repairing procedure provides a very serviceable chuck….returned to its original condition prior to breaking. However, the repaired chuck is still a somewhat worn chuck with a warranty only on the replaced parts and workmanship. A final consideration is that replacement parts may not have the same fit with worn parts which, in turn, may not provide the best situation for holding parts.”

Expanded Service Provides the Advantages of an Efficient Team Approach.

“Our workholding customers are able to draw from a team of varied backgrounds and experience in engineering, designing and machining. Each individual’s analysis will be reviewed and discussed among team members having over 100 total years workholding experience serving the needs of specialized groups including the aerospace, ammunitions, automotive, firearm, medical, recreational, flow control and petroleum industries.”
stated Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager.

For complete information on Royal Machine’s reconditioning/repairing of chucks, contact Royal Machine & Tool Corporation at (860) 828-6555 or