Royal Machine & Tool Expands its Aerospace Industry Workholding Options and Services

Specially Designed Hydraulic Fixture.

Specially Designed Hydraulic Fixture.

Berlin, CT – Realizing the ever-increasing importance of the Aerospace Industry and its demands and needs for innovative workholding engineering, designs, products and services, Royal Machine & Tool Corporation has announced the expanding of its aerospace workholding services.

In making the announcement, Richard Ruscio, President, said, “Our workholding specialists are experienced In the engineering, designing, machining and providing of highly specialized and custom-built hydraulic and manual operated fixtures designed to conform to the unique (and exotic) shapes and sizes found in today’s Aerospace Industry. These specially designed fixtures provide the rigid clamping forces required when machining ultra quality aerospace materials.”

Over 100 years workholding experience.

“Our aerospace customers are able to draw from workholding specialists with varied engineering backgrounds and experience. The ideas generated can be reviewed and discussed among specialists having over 100 total years workholding experience serving the needs of specialized groups including the aerospace, automotive, firearm, medical, recreational, flow control and petroleum industries.” stated Bernie McAloon, Sales Manager.

New Equipment and Software purchased…New Building Addition…to meet the increased fixturing needs of the Aerospace Industry.

In the past 12 months, Royal has invested in five new pieces of equipment for their turning and milling departments to expand their capabilities in capacity and machining. The engineering department has upgraded to Solid Works Software which enables solid modeling in their designs…a features most vital in optimizing the fixture at the design phase by the offering of 3-dimensional viewing.

A 1,200 square foot building addition has been recently completed to provide additional manufacturing space by consolidating operations and improving work flow.

Complete information on the newly expanded aerospace services can be obtained by telephoning Sales & Marketing at (860) 828-6555.

Royal Machine & Tool Corporation is ISO9001:2000 & AS9100 Rev. “B” Certified and serves the world’s leading industries by designing and building custom and standard workholding devices from simple manual fixtures to sophisticated hydraulic fixtures with multiple faces. In addition, Royal provides custom and standard chucks of all types for rotating and non-rotating applications…as well as a complete range of Contract Machining options and services from single prototype machining to high volume production requirements.